Is the Apple Ballot Toxic?

Ask Yourself:  If a union gives a candidate its resources and political muscle, what’s the union expecting in return?

That’s the question we asked, and we sure didn’t like the answer!

The Apple Ballot impacts Montgomery County elections by ensuring that our Apple Ballot elected officials are beholden to the teacher’s union and other unions which support it — and not the average voter! This is why these legislators often feel free to ram through special interest legislation without listening to you, the taxpayer, and popular public opinion!

Examples of special interest legislation being passed in Montgomery County via Apple Ballot candidates include the highly controversial “gender identity” law, the patently unfair and biased pregnancy center regulations, and the highly unpopular ambulance fee.

Washington Post editorals tell the story!

“Just one thing is missing from this handy guide: Candidates who receive the union’s stamp of approval are also then expected to pay. As far as we know, this arrangement is unique; in elections elsewhere, unions and other special interests contribute to candidates, not vice versa.”

“…most candidates on the…’Apple Ballot’ coughed up…$6,000, to …teachers union (MCEA*)…”

“One candidate, asked to explain the decision to pay [the teachers union], answered concisely: ‘Fear.’”

“…the (teacher’s union)…is…hiring its own bosses — and is getting paid for it in the bargain

“In addition to its multiple and targeted mailings… the (Teachers Union )…. planted yard signs, bought advertising on the radio and at Metro stations and …handed voters sample ‘Apple Ballots’ of endorsed candidates… .”

This twisted system has fueled skyrocketing payroll costs — including a 23 percent pay raise.., plus extraordinary… benefits.

“As the teachers union gears up to make endorsements in this fall’s elections, county taxpayers should clutch their wallets tightly.”

“(I)n Montgomery County….. the teachers union wields such outsized power that it believes shaking down politicians is normal and acceptable.”

“…the teachers union — makes clear that candidates who receive the union’s endorsement are expected to pay the union for the campaign it mounts on their behalf.”

“But what confidence can the public have that officeholders in Montgomery are carefully weighing competing interests when most of them are held hostage to the overbearing influence of a single union?”

“the salary of a typical Montgomery teacher — one with 10 years of experience when the last contract went into effect in 2007 — has jumped by 23 percent in the past three years, even as private-sector wages have stagnated.”

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